The Tragedy of Bangalore

The Tragedy of Bangalore

The tragedy is that Bangalore has been treated as a cash cow by every marauding government, politician, party and bureaucrat over the decades, since independence. The good management practises of a prior hundred years has been ruined and squeezed dry.

Karnataka has had the misfortune of electing the party in opposition at the centre most of the time, unlike other states, and the income for the opposition has perhaps therefore come from this state alone. Given that more than two thirds of the income of the state comes from Bangalore and less than a tenth is spent back, Bangalore is the cash cow of India.

Democracy would not be democracy anymore without an opposition, and the very reason that it has perhaps survived in India is because of the victimisation of Bangalore. So rejoice, for out of your blood, sweat and tears, does the nation as a democracy survive.

And that channel for the fund flow has obviously been corruption. Would democracy have ever survived without corruption? And would we have ever needed to pay this price as Bangaloreans without the corruption and taxation?

Today, the state of the environment is tragic, and we have no wetlands and woodlands worth the name within Bangalore. The limited park spaces are over used, and no new large green spaces are forthcoming. Cultivation is gone in the areas around, and wildlife is going. Is this what we are paying for, with blood, sweat and tears?

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